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What/who inspires you to do music? How old were you when you started?


I would say my primary influence from music comes from my love of story telling and poetry. Ever since I was younger and I'm talking grade school I had a passion for writing and portraying stories rather fact or fiction. It was around early high school years that I started learning more and taking an interest in hip hop. I'd say the first song I wrote would have to be around 15 or 16 years old and I started off by just writing remixes to mainstream songs at the time. As cliche as it may sound my primary influence in hip hop would be Eminem whom I started listening to after his collaboration with Kid Rock on the album Devil Without a Cause. Other inspirations come from nu metal bands such as Limp Bizkit (their old stuff I'm talking Significant Other and before) as well as Alternative bands such as Nirvana.


Who do you want to work with? (Artist wise)


Artist wise I'm really open to working with anyone as long as our styles match and the end product is good. I'm really not picky when it comes to collaborations and often am willing to work with anyone (as long as a certain product standard is established and met).


What are you currently working on right now? New music, collabs, videos, etc.


Marketing plans. About a six months ago prior to my recent move I've finalized my first album coming soon called 914's Most Doubted. I've taken a break from really working on anything new and trying to establish an effective way of getting the project heard through blogs, online radio and various other outlets. Until I am a bit more situation in re-setting up my recording situation (the space I'm in now is not as flexible as was before) I've taken a break on recording anything new. I may start writing again shortly once I get some things on this end finalized.


What is your most accomplished piece of work? track, albums, mixtapes, etc.?


The most accomplished piece of work I currently have has yet to be released but will be shared with your shortly as I am planning for its free release to take place early on in quarter 4 of this year. The project is called "914's Most Doubted", 914 being the area code I reside in. It depicts struggles I've had in a story telling format I've had developing as an artist. It also portrays various internal conflicts I've dealt and coped with over the past few years. The recent release "Screams Inside" I shared with you is the first single off the project. It will be available in the beginning only on my website and I plan to distribute it through various mixtape forums and blogs shortly after. It has an alternative hip hop vibe to it and I really look forward to releasing the work. You can check out more about the project at www.LBTheEmcee.com



 Which producers would you want to work with the most?


Producer wise once again I'm open to pretty much working with anyone as long as a certain quality standard is met. I do prefer however those who incorporate more styles of alternative/rock in their hip hop productions. I am very pleased with the current list I work with which include primarily but not limited to Atomic Beats, VTZ, Epistra, The Jee Juh team, Diamond Style and a few others.



Explain how you came about your "rap" name?



LB was a nicke name I was given many years ago. However it was about a year or two ago I decided when building my web page and working on SEO ideas that leaving LB itself wasn't going to very effective (Google LB by itself and you will see what I mean). I didnt want to go changing my stage name completely as most of my work as well as my local following knew me as LB. Therefore I attached The Emcee to it in order to secure a unique web presence and have something if ever searched I knew would pop up in search engine rankings for my work.


About how much time do you dedicate to your music each week?


In the past I tried to set aside an hour or two a day. Since my recent move its proven more difficult as I am working full time and do not have much free time on my plate. My main goal would be to effectively get an hour a day in in some retrospect of working on my music. Whether it be writing, promotion, etc.


Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? What is your goal in music?


In 10 years from now honestly I'll be pushing 37. I hope to at that point ideally be running the current company I work for as I was brought in on ground floor working right under the owner. In regards to music I know its very difficult to obtain sustainable income especially for non established acts. My goal in music is not on a route most might consider. Yes I would love to put out a project that blows, hell I'll even be happy if my upcoming album gets over 500 downloads. My main goals however are to secure licensing deals or sync opportunities with established firms in regards to films, commercials, etc. The main work I plan to promote to these opportunities is all licensed with the appropriate parties and has paperwork in order. I feel these outlets are oftne overlooked by independent artists and provide great chances of providing revenue streams.



How often do you sit down to write new material


A few months ago it was honestly everyday I would be working on something new. However since my recent move and changes in working conditions that the time I can allocate focusing on music has greatly decreased. I try to get in a few hours a week if possible. Day to day however I do find time squeeze in a little time for other factors involving my work such as mixing, mastering or marketing research/promotions.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LBTheEmcee?fref=ts


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzxr4qWaMq0&feature=youtu.be


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